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There are so many comics available right now, that sometimes finding something new, fresh and high-quality can prove to be a difficult task. Want something you’ve never read before? How about some Russian comics? Introducing BUBBLE comics — the one and only Russian comic book publisher with a whole fictional universe of our own. Just like Marvel and DC, but unmistakably ours, made right here where we live. You can read our comics online through our mobile app — it’s called “BUBBLE. Russian comics” and is available for iOS and Android, or, if you’re feeling risky, you can purchase paperback comics straight from us. We’ll do everything in our power to get your comics to you, because let’s face it — it’s high time everyone started reading them.


BUBBLE comics is a publishing house that exists since 2011. For ten years we’ve been moving towards one goal and one goal only — to prove that Russian comics exist, that they can be as cool or even cooler than western ones, and that we can create a universe of our own, filled by heroes and locations familiar to every Russian reader (and foreign to the rest of you). And without being humble — we’ve been succeeding in that!

Six main series with dozens of issues, plus some newer heroes whose stories are just beginning, plus complete stories long and short — it doesn’t matter which you prefer, we have it all (and that’s not even mentioning the movie). Let’s all read awesome Russian comics together!


Not everyone can just afford to throw their money into the screen before knowing for sure what they are getting. We get that. Some of our stories are already old and can be out of time, some can just not be your cup of tea as they are. But there’s no need to go and google “BUBBLE comics read online for free” or whatever and risk bumping into a virus, into low-quality rip offs or ongoings stuck on whatever issue the pirate stopped updating them on.

Instead, here are the first few issues of our main series for free, completely legal. You can just read them and decide for yourself if you want to actually give us money and continue reading. No subscriptions, no trials, no asking you for your card prematurely. Just take them and read them — and we hope that you decide to stick around!