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Major Igor Grom

Major Igor Grom

.Igor Grom was an experienced investigator from St.Petersburg, known for his gutsy nature and uncompromising stance towards criminals of all stripes. Incredible strength, analytical mind and integrity – all of this made Grom the perfect policeman. Working tirelessly, he never failed to see his cases carried through, and always met the challenges standing in the way.

And Igor stayed true to himself, even as his world crumbled to pieces: he lost the woman he loved, got accused of murder and ended up in a mental hospital. After getting out, Grom came back to the streets of St.Petersburg. This time – in a new role of a loner detective, but moved by the same desire to help people. Igor wasn’t the only one who had changed – his city did as well: he was met with a new, dark and mysterious side of the northern capital, full of monsters playing by their own rules. None of the trials managed to break Grom, however – he found new friends, reconnected with the old ones, took back control over his own mind and managed to reclaim his name and honor. Now that Igor is back to work, citizens of St.Petersburg once again find themselves under the protection of major Grom.

But life never stays still. Who will our unbroken hero become next? Will he once again claim the title of the best investigator of the city – or is he still a victim of circumstances, struggling to find his place in a rapidly changing world?

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