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Should you want to order physical books or goods abroad, you can do so by directly contacting us. The package will be sent to you by Russian Post (that should then pass the package to your country’s post service) and the payment will have to go through PayPal.

If that’s okay with you, then all you’ll need to do is:

  • Brave the RU version of the website (since we can’t provide full functionality on ordering physical products on the EN version) and choose what you want to order;
  • Contact us by help@bubble.ru and provide your shipping info and a full list of goods you want to buy;
  • We’ll then generate a PayPal link for you to pay with, and as soon as you provide us with the confirmation of said payment, the order will be on its way;
  • We’ll also provide you with a tracking number, of course.

That being said, we highly encourage you to read the digital versions in the meantime, since they are translated, always in stock, reduce the amount of paper used, and can be always found right there in your phone, no delivery time needed.