Major Igor Grom #04 Fake, part 4

Электронный сингл

Igor Grom learns that his new work partner, Aisa Ulanova, does indeed hide something from him: in secret, she reports on Igor’s state to his boss, colonel-general Prokopenko. Grom feels betrayed by Fedor Ivanovich, whom he saw as one of the closest people in his life. But personal conflicts have to be delayed when Fake makes his most daring move yet: he blocks all cell service and Internet in the city and blames police for it, claiming that they want to keep the truth from the people. Igor proposes that such a trick can be pulled with that device he and Aisa had previously discovered at the underground laboratory. Together, they find a working jammer that can be used to track down Fake himself. And they’d better hurry, because the unrest in the city reaches its highest point. Prokopenko decides to get to the streets himself and calm people down, but finds himself in the middle of a riot instead. That stress serves as a last drop for Fedor Ivanovich and he suffers a heart attack right in front of Dima Dubin… 

Количество страниц: 33
Дата выхода: 04.01.2022

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