Tagar. Book 1

Электронная арка
A mysterious cataclysm changed the world forever and people live in constant fear of new natural disasters. But what causes them? What higher powers decided to punish humanity? Only Kuno, a young man who ended up in the epicenter of the first catastrophe, knows the answer to that question. He holds the key to a mystery that he has long forgotten. And now he will have to remember who he really is, and face down powerful creatures that wish to destroy humanity. BUBBLE Visions present: Tagar, the epic project of Anna Sergeeva and Marina Privalova. Their story about gods who chose the human world as their battlefield will captivate you and will keep your attention right until the finale. This atmospheric thriller, full of hidden meanings and sudden twists, is setting a new level for Russian manga!

Дата выхода: 04.10.2020

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